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A knife designed by someone who has done a few things is fundamentally different from a knife designed by someone who has done nothing.  Some people have the capacity to appreciate that difference.


I am a former Officer of Marines, U.S. Army Special Forces detachment Commander, Flight Instructor and retired Firefighter.  Currently, I am a Sailor, Professional Photographer and I design simple tools in Port Isabel, Texas.

The tools I design are a spartan  by-product of where I have been and what I have done.   Most of my orders come from people who want a  pure tool that is made by someone with my experience and background.  Form follows function and our understanding of function is a byproduct of our life experience.  


What we make and how we make is a distilled by-product of who we are.  Therefore, my knives are different from other knives because I am different from other knifemakers - it's that simple.   For some, the type of person who designs  what they want is important.  And, owning and using something I made is a form of praise.  In the end, it's personal. 

I don't make jewelry in the shape of a knife.  But, if you have the capacity to appreciate a simple and forthright tool - you've come to the right place.   

I look forward to putting a knife in your hand with one exception - I don't knowingly sell knives to hippies. If you are a hippie or think you might be a hippie, please be a forthright one and take your business elsewhere.  Or, apply and graduate from our re-education camp.



Bush Monkey Knives Business Strategy


If I ever made or did something that appealed to the herd, I would stop whatever I was making or doing until I figured out where I went wrong.  The tools I make are not for everyone.  And, I like it that way.

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