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Different for a reason

Compare the full aft working bevel length (below) to any secondary beveled blade of equal length. With a small knife, 1/2” wasted on a plunge is a BIG deal - also harder to sharpen.  Every element of every Bush Monkey knife has a purpose.

Knife Maintenance


1.  Clean your knife after every use.


2.  O1 tool steel will rust/patina.  To mitigate patina, apply a light coat of oil after every use.


3.  Sharpen and hone as per the instructional videos below. 


4.  Treat your knife as you would any high performance tool.  Respect your knife and it will serve you well.

Single bevel to zero Texas Bevel:

Lower working angle than the vast majority of other knives 

Easy and fast to sharpen in the field

No sharpening jigs are needed to sharpen and maintain bevel geometry


Lower working angle performance.

Single bevel to zero sharpening: 

Start with a stone and finish with a leather strop. If you have an asymmetric single bevel to zero blade, only sharpen the right (less tall) side and hone both right and left bevels using a leather strop.


Texas Bevel

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